Electromagnetic interference (EMI) has been a concern for years, but many people don’t realise how harmful it can be. The problem is that EMI affects our health and the environment in ways we may not even recognise. If you’d like to learn more about electromagnetic interference, continue reading as we discuss the following:

  • What Is Electromagnetic Interference?
  • The Effects Of EMI In The Home
  • How Harmful Is EMI?
  • How Does Compliance Engineering Protect Against EMI
  • Other Precautionary Measures Against EMI

What Is Electromagnetic Interference?

Electromagnetic energy moves in a wave that alternates between positive charge (P) and negative charge (N). When these two forces come together they create what’s known as ‘interference’. These waves can travel through space, bounce off of other objects, and return to the original object.

Therefore, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a common term used to describe any disturbance that interrupts the electromagnetic field from which all forms of communication and telecommunication are based.

Common sources of EMI include power lines, electronic equipment such as televisions or microwaves, light ballasts in fluorescent lamps and utility cables carrying both AC current and DC voltage for digital signals on telephone networks.

The Effects Of EMI In The Home

Electromagnetic interference can have a number of effects on your home life. Unsurprisingly, these problems are most common in busy households with lots of gadgets and children running around.

First off, electromagnetic waves from various devices may be interfering with each other’s signals. This is the same principle that causes wireless connections to cut out every now and then when you’re streaming Netflix or playing an online game.

This means more dropped calls than normal and also decreasing speeds for data transfers like Internet browsing or emailing large files. It could even cause some systems not to work at all if they depend heavily on radio frequencies such as Bluetooth headsets for phone conversations during driving trips.

Even with these types of disruptions, the homeowner may not be aware that this is happening because it often occurs without any warning signs like sparks coming from light fixtures etc. Electromagnetic waves can affect everything from your Wi-Fi to your electronics, leading to a lot more than just poor-quality streaming or slow connections.

How Harmful Electromagnetic Interference

How Harmful Is EMI?

The effects of electromagnetic interference are often not taken into consideration, but they can have a significant impact on an individual’s health.

When this type of energy is applied to the human body in high doses it has been shown that there may be adverse consequences. For example, higher levels of EMF exposure have been linked with certain types of cancers and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some people also report headaches, dizziness, and feelings of nausea. There is even some evidence that infants could experience effects on their sleep patterns when they’re close to an EMI source such as a cell phone cradle or Wi-Fi router.

The dangers posed by EMI are severe but most often overlooked because they show immediate side effects or symptoms.

How Does Compliance Engineering Protect Against EMI

Electromagnetic interference is an invisible threat to the modern world. It runs rampant in all aspects of our lives. It’s so common that most people don’t even notice when they’re being exposed to its dangers.

Compliance engineering works tirelessly at guarding against these unseen threats by developing strategies like shielding, filtering, grounding devices or reducing emissions from equipment sources such as switching power supplies and motors with low voltage coils for example.

Through Compliance Engineering, firms can develop their own unique electromagnetic emissions (EMI) protection strategies. It can be done in-house or through the use of consultants on an as-needed basis. The goal is to balance cost and risk with regulatory compliance so companies are not only aware but compliant at all times.

There are many straightforward benefits offered by Compliance Engineering such as nearly instantaneous updates when new regulations come out, self-assessment status reports about what changes need to occur, and overall assurance that you are complying with necessary regulations – which saves resources like time and money!

With Compliance Engineering, a team of electrical engineers can help you design systems and find ways to reduce the electromagnetic interference in your products. This protects the health and safety of consumers and ensures that the necessary regulations are met.

How Harmful Electromagnetic Interference

Other Precautionary Measures Against EMI

It’s important that the electronics in your bedroom are not too close to where you sleep as this will disrupt melatonin levels and make for restless nights. Keep TVs seven feet away or more on every side except those used specifically for viewing while lying down (which should be no closer than two feet). Avoid keeping computers near beds since screens emit strong light waves which impact your sleeping with all their flickering.


EMI can be known to be harmful to the health and safety of individuals. Luckily, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk of exposure and protect people from any potential harm caused by EMI. With these tips on how harmful electromagnetic interference is, please contact us today to learn more about how Compliance Engineering can mitigate the risks of EMI!

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