Power Filters

Power Filters are used to prevent signals entering an RF shielded enclosure via power cabling penetrating the RF shielded enclosure. The filter configuration can be varied to cater for client requirements including multiple circuits, multiple phases, supply frequency, Voltage, Current and attenuation performance. Signal cables will require a low current signal cable with sufficient bandwidth to allow the required signal to pass through the filter. DC power filters can also be provided to cater for high currents.

Compliance Engineering supplies a wide range of high performance, high power, EMP, Tempest, EMC and Signal filters to a wide range of industries including; medical, defence and telecommunications.

Single Phase Filters

SinglePhase (EMI) filters are general-purpose filters designed to suppress undesirable electrical disturbances in power lines. SinglePhase EMI filters limit the amplitude of interfering voltages on AC power lines and prevent them from propagating into or out of the filtered equipment. These filters are available as a single stage general purpose filter or a multi-stage high performance filter.

D, DX, DT250 VAC1-200AGeneral purpose

DH240 VAC1-1000ADifferential mode stage

DZ250 VAC1-16AIEC connector, High performance

DZ2R, DZ2KR250 VAC1-10AIEC connector with built in fuse

F80 VDC1-260AGeneral purpose

FK80 VDC10-60AHigh Perfomance

FPC, FPQ80 VAC1-60APCB mounting, FPQ Connector

J250 VAC2-100AMilitary rated filter

K250 VAC3-100AHigh Performance

PC250 VAC1-16APCB Mounted

T260 VAC2-80AHigh Performance, Low Leakage

TH250 VAC1-00AHigh Performance, Differential Mode choke, Low Leakage

Three Phase Filters

Three–phase mains filters filter interferences in both directions – from the consumer to the network and from the network to the consumer. Typical applications include frequency inverters, wind turbines or power supplies and are available in various current ratings.

EA, EAX250/440 VAC5-600AGeneral purpose (balance & un-balanced loads)

EAK1, EAK3250/440 VAC50-1000AExcellent low frequency attenuation

EAT1250/440 VAC5-35AExcellent low frequency attenuation, low leakage current

EB, EBX250/440 VAC5-200AGeneral purpose, compact unit

EB15-50275/480 VAC7-100AExcellent attenuation from 150 kHz to 30 MHz

EBK1, EBK3250/440 VAC100-800AExcellent attenuation from 150 kHz to 30 MHz

EBK5250/440 VAC1500ALow leakage Current, High Attenuation (Common & Differential modes)

EBK5-40275/480 VAC5-160ALow leakage Current, High Attenuation (Common & Differential modes)

EBK6275/480 VAC5-200ALow leakage Current, High Attenuation (Common & Differential modes) – Ideal for frequency inverters & SMPS

EBL275/480 VAC10-600AOutput filter for frequency converter, UPS AC & DC inverter equipment, DV/DT Limitations

EBT1250/440 VAC5-80AExcellent low frequency attenuation, Low leakage Current, High Attenuation (Common & Differential modes)

EBT1-40, EBK1-40250/440 VAC5-150ALow leakage Current, High Attenuation (Common & Differential modes)


Tubular Filters

Tubular (EMI) filters are general purpose filters designed to supress undesirable
electrical disturbances in power lines both AC or DC.
• Tubular – DTC, FTC Series
• Compact, High Current
• Provide excellent insertion loss until high frequency
• High reliability and wide temperature environments

RF Shielded Enclosure, Faraday Cage, RF Shielded Room

ModelVoltageCurrentCapacitance (µF)Leakage Current ≤ (mA)Test Voltage (1 min)DataSheet
CEP-16DTC250 VAC16 A2 x 0.0224.142250 VDC
CEP-63DTC250 VAC63 A2 x 0.4788.52250 VDC
CEP-100DTC250 VAC100 A2 x 3.05642120 VDC
CEP-100DTC3250 VAC100 A2 x 3.05642200 VDC
CEP-25DTC250 VAC25 A2 x 1.01572250 VDC
CEP-30FTC1600 VDC30 A2 x 0.018-2500 VDC
CEP-50FTC2200 VDC50 A0.22-720 VDC
CEP-65FTC200 VDC65 A2 x 4.7-1000 VDC
CEP-65FTC3250 VDC65 A2 x 0.25-2250 VDC
CEP-65FTC4250 VDC65 A2 x 0.22-2250 VDC
CEP-230FTC400 VDC230 A2 x 3.3-2121 VDC
CEP-250FTC1200 VDC250 A1.68-1500 VDC
Tubular filter

Shielded Enclosure Filters

Shielded room filters are essential in various industrial and military/government applications due to their excellent noise-mitigation feature. These are commonly used for applications that require the absence of external electrical noise, such as EMI testing, signal processing, secure communication etc.
A two line 32A mains power filter is normally supplied with each enclosure, however the filter configuration can be varied to cater for client requirements including 3 phase, different supply frequency, Voltage, Current, Leakage to earth and Performance.


High Performance

Stainless Steel Power Line Filters (C52 Series)

(Note: Refer to C52-H series filters for increased performance over C52 series)

Single Phase, 2 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)V (rms) L-LLeakage CurrentPerformanceFigure
CEP-2X16C52-JCL2 X 16250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X30C52-JCL2 X 32250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X50C52-JCL2 X 50250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X70C52-JCL2 X 70250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X100C52-JCL2 X 100250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X200C52-JCL2 X 200250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz2

Three Phase, 4 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)V (rms) L-LLeakage CurrentPerformanceFigure
CEP-4X16C52-JCL4 X 16440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X30C52-JCL4 X 32440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X50C52-JCL4 X 50440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X70C52-JCL4 X 70440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X100C52-JCL4 X 100440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X200C52-JCL4 X 200440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz4

High Performance Stainless Steel Power Line Filters
(C52 Series) – Data Sheet

High Performance

Stainless Steel Power Line Filters (C52-H Series)

Note: These filters provide higher differential mode performance compared to C52 series

Single Phase, 2 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)V (rms) L-LLeakage CurrentPerformanceFigure
CEP-2X16C52-H-JCL2 X 16250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X30C52-H-JCL2 X 32250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X50C52-H-JCL2 X 50250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X70C52-H-JCL2 X 70250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X100C52-H-JCL2 X 100250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-2X200C52-H-JCL2 X 200250 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz5

Three Phase, 4 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)V (rms) L-LLeakage CurrentPerformanceFigure
CEP-4X16C52-H-JCL4 X 16440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X30C52-H-JCL4 X 32440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X50C52-H-JCL4 X 50440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X70C52-H-JCL4 X 70440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X100C52-H-JCL4 X 100440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz3
CEP-4X200C52-H-JCL4 X 200440 VAC≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz6
Shielded Enclosure Filter3

High Performance Stainless Steel Power Line Filters
(C52-H Series) – Data Sheet

High Performance
Power Line Filters (C5 Series)

Single Phase (C5 Series), 2 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-2X16C52 X 164 mm2≤1A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X30C52 X 326 mm2≤1A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X50C52 X 5010 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X70C52 X 7016 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X100C52 X 10025 mm2≤3A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X150C52 X 15050 mm2≤5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X200C52 X 20070 mm2≤5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X250C5/602 X 250Busbar≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X300C5/602 X 300Busbar≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X600C5/602 X 600Busbar≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X800C5/602 X 800Busbar≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-2X1000C5/602 X 1000Busbar≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz

Three Phase (C5 Series), 4 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-4X16C54 X 164 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X30C54 X 326 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X50C54 X 5010 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X70C54 X 7016 mm2≤1.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X100C54 X 10025 mm2≤5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X150C54 X 15050 mm2≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X200C54 X 20070 mm2≤6A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X250C5/604 X 250Busbar≤8A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 14K-40GHz
CEP-4X300C5/604 X 300Busbar≤8A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100K-40GHz
CEP-4X600C5/604 X 600Busbar≤8A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100K-40GHz
CEP-4X800C5/604 X 800Busbar≤8A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100K-40GHz
CEP-4X1000C5/604 X 1000Busbar≤8A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100K-40GHz

High Performance Power Line Filters
(C5 Series) – Data Sheet

High Performance
Ground Wire Filters (C5-G Series)

1 Line (C5-G Series) – Ground Wire Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizePerformanceFigure
CEP-10C5-G1 X 104 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-16C5-G1 X 164 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-30C5-G1 X 326 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-50C5-G1 X 5010 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-70C5-G1 X 6316 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz1
CEP-100C5-G1 X 10025 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz2
CEP-150C5-G1 X 15050 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz2
CEP-200C5-G1 X 20070 mm2100dB, 14K-40GHz2

High Performance Ground Wire Filters
(C5-G) Series – Data Sheet

Medium Performance
Power Line Filters (A5 Series)

Single Phase (A5 Series), 2 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-2X16A52 X 164 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X30A52 X 326 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X50A52 X 5010 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X70A52 X 7016 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X100A52 X 10025 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X150A52 X 15050 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X200A52 X 20070 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz

Three Phase (A5 Series), 4 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-4X16A54 X 164 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X30A54 X 326 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X50A54 X 5010 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X70A54 X 7016 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X100A54 X 10025 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X150A54 X 15050 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X200A54 X 20070 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 150kHz-40GHz

Medium Performance (A5 Series)
Power Line Filter – Data Sheet

Medium Performance
Power Line Filters (B5 Series)

Single Phase (B5 Series), 2 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-2X16B52 X 164 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X30B52 X 326 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X50B52 X 5010 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X70B52 X 7016 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X100B52 X 10025 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X150B52 X 15050 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-2X200B52 X 20070 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz

Three Phase (B5 Series), 4 Line – Power Filters

TypeI (A)Cable SizeLeakage CurrentPerformance
CEP-4X16B54 X 164 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X30B54 X 326 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X50B54 X 5010 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X70B54 X 7016 mm2≤0.2A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X100B54 X 10025 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X150B54 X 15050 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz
CEP-4X200B54 X 20070 mm2≤0.5A@220VAC/50Hz100dB, 100kHz-40GHz

Medium Performance (B5 Series)
Power Line Filter – Data Sheet

Signal Line Filters

RF Shielded Enclosure, Faraday Cage, RF Shielded Room

ModelVoltageCurrentImpedance Ω / L-LLinesBandwidthFigureApplication
CES-XL-56KB-100200 VDC1 A100256 kB1Analog signal,
switching signal
CES-XL-56KB-600200 VDC1 A600256 kB
CES-XL-20KB-500030 VDC0.006 A5000220 kB
CES-XL-4-830 VDC2 A824 kB
CES-XL-3250 VDC0.3 A60020 - 3.4 kHz
CES-XL-8250 VDC0.3 A60020 - 7 kHz
CES-XL-384250 VDC0.3 A60020 - 384 kHz
CES-XL-4-1630 VDC2 A1624 kB
CES-XL-4-100125 VDC1 A10024 kB
CES-XL-4-140125 VDC0.5 A14024 kB
CES-XL-4-200125 VDC0.5 A20024 kB
CES-XL-4-300125 VDC1 A30024 kB
CES-XL-4-5000125 VDC0.025 A500024 kB
CES-XL-1-100250 VDC1 A10021 kB
CES-XL-1-40250 VDC3 A4021 kB
CES-XL-1-20250 VDC5 A2021 kB
CES-XL-K2250 VAC2 A2100 kHz2AC/DC switching signal,
air-con signal, voice,
door access control
CES-XL-K6250 VAC2 A6100 kHz6
CES-XL-K12250 VAC2 A12100 kHz7
CES-XL-K16250 VAC2 A16100 kHz8
CES-XL-K20250 VAC2 A20100 kHz9
CES-XL-20K250 VDC0.3 A220 kHz2Telephone, fax and
DC switching signal
CES-XL-V1100 VDC1 A16 MHz3Video system control
CES-XL-V2-1-M100 VDC1 A26 MHz4Emergency telephone,
Fire alarm, monitor,
door access control
CES-XL-V4-1-M100 VDC1 A46 MHz4
CES-XL-V8100 VDC0.1 A8100 MB/s5Network data < 100 MB/s

Signal and Data Filters for RF Shielded
Rooms – Data Sheet

EMP Filters

The circuit designs of the filters are individual discrete lines for full performance in both common and differential modes. The performance is maintained under all current loading conditions across the full frequency spectrum, and the discrete line construction makes the filters fully electrically versatile in respect of connecting to the power supply. The mechanical design of the filters allows them to be installed either outside or inside of an EMP/HEMP protected area. The surge arrestors fitted to the filters makes them suitable for electrical circuits also protecting against the effects of secondary lightning.

EMP Filter1
EMP Filter 2
ModelVoltageCurrentCompliesFrequency RangeInsertion LossDataSheet
CE-4x16C52-EMP440 VAC L-L4 x 16 AMIL-STD-188-125-E1100 kHz to 1 GHz> 60 dB
CE-PF486C-16250 VAC4 x 16AMIL-STD-188-125-E114 kHz to 40 GHz100 dB
CE-PF486C-250440 VAC250 AMIL-STD-188-125-E114 kHz to 40 GHz100 dB

CE-DL-4x650C52440 VAC4 x 650 AMIL-STD-188-125-E1100 kHz to 1 GHz≤ 60 dB
CE-DL-4x1000C52440 VAC4 x 1000 AMIL-STD-188-125-E1100 kHz to 1 GHz≤ 60 dB

Installation & Precautions

Power, signal, and communication lines need to run through a power filter. Electrical filters eliminate the unwanted RF signals by displacing them to ground. Every conductor which penetrates the shield, including neutral and signal return lines, must be filtered. Grounding wires must be bonded directly to the shield via the ground buss bar.


Installation & Precautions

1. Filters contain a certain amount of leakage current. The lids of the filter (or the shielded enclosure, cabinet) must be connected to the earth. Confirm the earth connection has been correctly terminated before energising the filter to ensure personal safety.

2. Discharge the filter before disconnection any of the supply terminals. Ensure that the discharge current does not exceed 1A.

3. 3 phase, 4 line filters can be used as a single phase filter. That is, any live wire (A, B, C) together with N line. However, two (2) single phase filters cannot be combined to form a 3 phase 4 line filter.


4. Mains filters must be installed in a dry and well ventilated environment. Take adequate protective measures to avoid water and dust.

5. Ensure that there is no insulation coating on the shielded enclosure when bonding the rf mains filter to its surface. Remove any insulation layers around the installation hole to the extent larger than the outside diameter of copper gasket. To ensure there is enough electrical contact between the bottom of the filter lids and the metal wall of the shielded enclosure.

6. Drill a hole as the same size as the waveguide before installing the filters in the shielded enclosure or cabinet. Put one piece of the copper grid in the waveguide first, then feedthrough the hole in the shielded enclosure or cabinet. Place another shielded copper grid and gasket to the waveguide connector and tighten up the nut in order to make a good compression seal.

7. Both the inlet and outlet ports are clearly labelled. Strictly follow the logo marked on each terminal.
Single phase → live wire (L), null wire (N), and Ground wire (G or PE)
Three phase 4 line → phase wire (A, B, C), neutral wire (N), and Ground wire (G or PE)

8. Take note of the mounting torque setting (see below). The terminals may be damaged if the mounting torque is excessive.
• Recommended mounting torque for M4 screw is 1.14Nm—1.9Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M6 screw is 1.5Nm—2.5Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M8 screw is 3Nm—5Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M10 screw is 4.8Nm—8Nm

9. Close the cover plate once all mains wires are correctly terminated and tension all the bolts to their correct torque settings.

10. Pay special attention that the access cover plate along with its conductive gasket seal, is making a good 360 degree compression with the outer case. Ensuring that there is good electrical contact will avoid any rf leakage caused by gasket deformation or poor compression.