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Use our services to ensure your components are safe and fit for purpose at the design stage with an individual assessment, from prototyping through to finished, entire-product testing. From plug and socket to extension sets, switches and portable outlet devices, our skilled engineers and technicians will ensure you produce qualitative and reliable devices and appliances – and build and maintain your reputation.


No. Product Category Standards
1 General requirements for electrical equipment AS/NZS 3100
2 Electrical portable outlet devices AS/NZS 3105
3 Plugs and Socket-outlets AS/NZS 3112
4 Insulating mouldings AS/NZS 3121
5 Socket-outlet adaptors AS/NZS 3122
6 Air-break switches AS/NZS 3133
7 Electrical equipment for spa and swimming pools AS/NZS 3136
8 Cord extension sets AS/NZS 3199

Our safety test lab is accredited by A2LA. Our test scope covers a wide range of products. Equipped with modern test instruments, we conduct testing and inspections for product safety according to Australian and international standards. Our experts check the products for every technical detail, including the PCB design, rating label, instruction manual and components. We are here to make sure your products are safe to enter the Australian and international markets.