RF Shielded Shipping Containers

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Compliance Engineering RF Shielded Shipping Containers are a fully – customised for customer specific applications.

RF shielded shipping containers are constructed in line with our customers specifications and includes internal linings, electrical wiring and air-conditioning.

All our mobile RF shielded enclosures are designed to withstand the ruggedized Australian environment whilst maintaining a comfortable self-contained air-conditioned internal work space. With 3 phase power and a high RF shielding effectiveness makes this an ideal mobile rf shielded enclosure.

RF Shielded Shipping Containers
RF Shielded Shipping Containers


RF Shielded Mobile enclosures provide excellent radio frequency (RF) shielding effectiveness with high performance attenuation over a broad frequency range.


– EMI Shielding

– TEMPEST security areas

– Defence – Telecommunications

– Radio/Radar Installations

RF Shielded Shipping Containers

Shielding performance:

Compliance Engineering’s RF shielded enclosures provide 100dB attenuation to radiated RF (electric) fields over the frequency range 14 kHz to 1 GHz (Refer MIL-STD-285). Enclosures installed by Compliance Engineering will have an RF shielding verification test performed after assembly and prior to installation of any internal linings or RF Absorbing materials (where applicable).

The site where the enclosure is to be installed should be relatively dust free and flat with a maximum slope of 10 mm in 3 metres and a maximum unevenness of ± 5 mm. Sufficient clear space is required inside the building for placement of the enclosure materials during the construction phase.

Compliance Engineering is also A2LA accredited to perform RF Shielding Performance testing in accordance with MIL-STD-285 and IEEE 299

RF Shielded Shipping Containers
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