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Radiated Power Calculator: ERP, EIRP, dBuV/m, dBm & mW

This RF calculator has been developed by Compliance Engineering to correlate between EMC measurements on RF transmitters, RF receivers and RF Transceivers and related limits detailed in EMC compliance standards.

Radio EMC standards may reference radiated RF power limits for ERP or EIRP in terms of dBm or mW. This calculator enables the EMC test engineer (or EMC test report reviewer) to quickly compare EMC test results obtained in terms of dBuV/m at 3 metres (or dBuV/m at 10 metres) to ERP and EIRP limits detailed in terms of dBm and mW.

This RF calculator is also useful to extrapolate emission limits which have been detailed in units of dBuV/m at 10 metres for use with EMC measurements that have been performed at a distance of 3 metres.

Radiated Power Calculator: ERP, EIRP & dBuV/m
at 3m
at 10m
EIRP (dBm)
ERP (mW)
ERP (dBm)
dBuV/m at 3m
dBuV/m at 10m

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