Energy Efficiency

Products with a higher energy efficiency rating that use less energy to perform the same amount of work are essential for reducing the country’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

Certain electrical equipment, including fridges, dryers, and washing machines, must now have energy ratings in Australia. The star system is used and is an easy visual way to quickly compare appliances. The more stars, the more energy/gas/water efficient the appliance is. If you are comparing two appliances with the same stars, look at the numbers on the energy rating label. The lower the numbers, the more energy and/or money you save.

We can conduct the energy performance test on all kinds of external power suppliers.


No. Product Category Standards
1 Performance of external power suppliers – performance mark AS/NZS 4665.1
2 Minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) requirements AS/NZS 4665.2


Our safety test lab is accredited by A2LA. Our test scope covers a wide range of products. Equipped with modern test instruments, we conduct testing and inspections for product safety according to Australian and international standards. Our experts check the products for every technical detail, including the PCB design, rating label, instruction manual and components. We are here to make sure your products are safe to enter the Australian and international markets.