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Compliance Engineering carries out IEC 61851 type tests of charging stations in accordance with the IEC 61851 standard to which they are connected. For the type tests specified in the IEC 61851 standard, the classification must first be made. In other words, after clarifying whether it will be used for indoor or outdoor, type tests can be performed.

IEC 61851 standard type test list :

    1. Verification of protection (IP)
    2. Dielectric withstand voltage
    3. Insulation resistance
    4. Clearances and creepage distances
    5. Touch current
    6. Environmental tests
    7. Temperature rise
    8. Mechanical test
    9. EMC testı
    10. Service
    11. Marking and instructions
    12. Communication


No. Product Category Standards
1 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging Systems AS/ NZS / IEC / EN 61851-1
2 In-cable control and protection device for mode 2 charging of electric road vehicles (IC-CPD) AS / NZS / IEC / EN 62752


Our safety test lab is accredited by A2LA. Our test scope covers a wide range of products. Equipped with modern test instruments, we conduct testing and inspections for product safety according to Australian and international standards. Our experts check the products for every technical detail, including the PCB design, rating label, instruction manual and components.