Lamp Control Gear

This part of IEC 61347 specifies particular safety requirements for electronic control gear for use on a.c. supplies at 50 Hz or 60 Hz up to 1 000 V and/or d.c. supplies up to 1 000 V with lamp operating frequencies deviating from the supply frequency, associated with fluorescent lamps as specified in IEC 60081 and IEC 60901, and other fluorescent lamps for highfrequency operation.

  1. Protection against accidental contact with live parts
  2. Protective earthing
  3. Moisture resistance and insulation
  4. Electric strength
  5. Endurance test
  6. Fault condition
  7. Abnormal conditions
  8. Creep age and clearance
  9. Resistance to Heat, fire and tracking
  10. Resistance to corrosion


No. Product Category Standards
1 Lamp Control Gear – General Requirements AS /NZS / IEC / EN 61347.1
2 DC. or AC. supplied electronic step-down convertors for filament lamps AS /NZS / IEC / EN 61347.1
3 AC. and/or DC. supplied electronic controlgear for fluorescent lamps AS /NZS / IEC / EN 61347.1
4 Miscellaneous electronic circuits used with luminaires AS /NZS / IEC / EN 61347.1
5 DC or AC. supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules AS /NZS / IEC / EN 61347.1

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