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IEC/EN 60598-1 speaks to many tests for luminaires and covers general safety requirements. Compliance Engineering is an A2LA accredited test laboratory with expertise in IEC 60598-1 testing.

IEC 60598 specific general requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light source for operation from supply voltages up to 1000V. The requirements and related tests of this standard cover classification, marking, mechanical construction, electrical construction, and photobiological safety.



No. Product Category Standards
1 Luminaires – General Requirements AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-1
2 Fixed General-Purpose Luminaires AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-1
3 Recessed Luminaires AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-2
4 Luminaires for Road and Street Lighting AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-3
5 Portable General-Purpose Luminaires AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-4
6 Floodlights AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-5
7 Handlamps AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-8
8 Portable Child-Appealing Luminaires AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-10
9 Lighting Chains Part AS/NZS / IEC/ EN 60598-2-20
10 LCP ( Lamp Circuit Power) Performance Testing as per AEMO Requirements

Our test scope covers a wide range of products. Equipped with modern test instruments, we conduct testing and inspections for product safety according to Australian and international standards. Our experts check the products for every technical detail, including the PCB design, rating label, instruction manual and components. We are here to make sure your products are safe to enter the Australian and international markets.