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Household electrical appliances are electrical/mechanical machines that accomplish some household functions, such as cooling/heating, cooking or cleaning. Most of the household appliances are defined as Level 3 products as per ERAC regulation, which will need the safety certificate before entering the Australian/New Zealand market.

Safety parameters like Accessibility of Live Parts, Classification, Creepage Distances & Clearances, Dimensions, Flash test, Markings, Mechanical Strength, Provision for Earthing, Ratings, Resistance to Abnormal Heat, Fire and Tracking, Resistance to Excessive Residual, Stress & to Rusting, Resistance to Heat, Resistance to Moisture and Humidity, IR and Electric Strength, Screws, Current Carrying Parts & Connectors, Temperature Rise, Terminals are most needed from all the household appliances.


No. Product Category Standards
1 Household and similar electrical appliances – General AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.1
2 Deep fat fryers, frying pans AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.13
3 Clocks AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.26
4 Sewing machines AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.28
5 Battery chargers AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.29
6 Pumps AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.41
7 Clothes dryers and towel rails AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.43
8 Fixed immersion heaters AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.73
9 Portable immersion heaters AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.74
10 Fabric steamers AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.85
11 Humidifiers AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.98
12 Vaporisers AS/NZS IEC EN 60335.2.101
13 Electrical equipment for spa and swimming pools AS/NZS 3136
14 All other household appliances AS/NZS 60335.2.xx series AS/NZS National variations

Our safety test lab is accredited by A2LA. Our test scope covers a wide range of products. Equipped with modern test instruments, we conduct testing and inspections for product safety according to Australian and international standards. Our experts check the products for every technical detail, including the PCB design, rating label, instruction manual and components. We are here to make sure your products are safe to enter the Australian and international markets.