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EMC Testing (or Electro-Magnetic Compatibility testing) is measuring the ability of an electronic device to operate in its intended environment without interference (immunity testing) and without causing interference to other devices (emission testing), in the same environment.

Prior to supplying your product to market, you will need to perform EMC testing and show evidence of compliance with all relevant EMC standards applicable to your product for the target market.

Compliance Engineering is an accredited EMC testing laboratory with a reputation for providing high-quality testing services in accordance with Australian and international compliance standards.

EMC Testing and Certification
RCM Testing

Compliance with the Australian EMC regulations are mandatory…

EMC Testing and Certification
CE Testing

CE compliance is mandatory for all products supplied…

EMC Testing and Certification
Radio Testing

Low power radio systems are being used in an increasing number…

EMC Testing and Certification
Automotive Testing

EMC measurements can be performed on vehicle components…

EMC Testing and Certification
Railway & Train Testing

Compliance Engineering Pty Ltd provide compliance…

EMC Testing and Certification
Military & Aeronautical Testing

Facilities and equipment are available to perform EMC…

EMC Testing and Certification
Radiation Hazard Measurement

EMC measurements can be performed on vehicle components…

EMC Testing and Certification
Interference Investigation

Radio frequency interference (RFI), also known as Electromagnetic…

What is Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic compatibility testing (or EMC testing) is a set of measurements performed on a device to confirm its ability to operate in its intended electromagnetic environment, without inducing electromagnetic interference to other devices, or being subject to interference from other systems or equipment. In summary, these EMC testing requirements are designed to ensure the reliable operation of electronic equipment.

These measurements are generally performed by test laboratories that have been audited and accredited by an external quality organisation such as A2LA or NATA.

What is EMC Compliance?

EMC Compliance is the state of an electronic product with reference to the EMC standards or regulations applicable to the country or regions where a product is to be marketed. These EMC standards or EMC regulations may apply only to the EMC emissions produced by the device (eg: USA, Canada and Australia), or may also include a range of immunity or susceptibility tests (eg: European Union). If a device has been tested against and complies with the relevant EMC standards, it is said to have EMC compliance.

What Products Can We Provide EMC Testing On?

Compliance Engineerings EMC testing and certification facilities cater for a broad range of industry-specific requirements. Following are some of the industry sectors that we provide EMC testing and certification for:

Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) Certification

RCM EMC testing applies to almost all electronic products destined for supply in the Australian market. The tests are conducted to ensure products comply with the RCM standards including telecommunications terminal disturbance voltage tests, mains terminal disturbance voltage tests and radiated RF emissions tests.

Some of the EMC standards under Australia’s RCM compliance include AS/NZS CISPR 11 (for ISM equipment), AS/NZS CISPR 12 (for spark plug ignition engines), AS/NZS CISPR 14.1 (for power tools and appliances), AS/NZS CISPR 15 (for lighting equipment), AS/NZS CISPR 32 (for multimedia equipment), AS/NZS 61000-6-3 (for residential, commercial and light industries), and AS/NZS 61000-6-4 (for heavy industrial equipment)

EMC Testing and Certification
EMC Testing and Certification

CE Mark Testing Services

This is a service designed for testing and certification for electrical or electronic devices and equipment destined for sale throughout the European Union (EU). Depending on your product, there are several tests that product manufacturers need to conduct to be eligible to add a CE marking on their product packaging.

Some common European directives that electronic equipment is subjected to include the 2014/35/EU (LVD), 2006/42/EC (MD), 2014/32/EU (MID), 2014/53/EU(RED), 93/42/EEC, 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2011/65/EU (ROHS), and 2012/19/EU (WEEE).

Radio Testing

This particular testing service is designed to ensure low-powered radio systems comply with Australian, New Zealand, European or even American standards. Common radio transmitters include devices such as remote key fobs, wireless local area networks, wireless alarm components, Bluetooth communications and other devices with radio transmitters.

EMC Testing and Certification

Automotive EMC Testing

These are tests conducted on vehicle components, car parts and aftermarket devices for certification, testing and approval. We perform EMC measurements on vehicle components according to different manufacturers or international EMC standards.

Train And Railway Testing

We offer a wide range of EMC compliance testing services for the railway transportation sector. These include tests conducted for compliance with EN 50121-1, EN 50121-2, EN 50121-3-1, EN 50121-3-2, EN50121-4, EN 50121-5, EN 50155, and EN 61373

Aeronautic Testing

We offer EMC testing services to meet the demands of the military and the aeronautic realm. For instance, we are vastly experienced and have the right equipment to perform tests to check whether a product meets the aeronautic EMC standards RTCA/DO-160D, RTCA/DO-160F, RTCA/DO-160E, and RTCA/DO-160G.

Military Testing

On the military front, we perform and produce reports for EMC test standards MIL-STD-461B, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-461C,MIL-STD-461D, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-202,MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-1399, and MIL-STD-285.

There are numerous other national and international standards as well as standards specified for Australian products. Depending on your category of product, your device will be subjected to tests defined by the compliance standards. Compliance Engineering is accredited and internationally recognised for many of the EMC test requirements detailed above.

Our EMC testing and certification facilities can also be hired out on an hourly basis, for preliminary EMC testing, prior to formal compliance testing and also to investigate and modify products that do not comply with relevant EMC standards.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Services

For comprehensive EMC testing services with fast turnaround times, look no further than Compliance Engineering. We help our clients test their products and will guide you throughout the compliance certification process. We are experienced in handling a wide range of EMC tests from medical products, and commercial products, to military and aeronautical components.

Don’t let an EMC compliance failure affect the availability of your product in the market. Partner with our team and let us help you through the EMC testing process for your product.