Product testing ensures that products that are supplied to the Australian market are compliant with the mandatory safety standards in order to avoid unsafe products from entering the market.

Are you looking for an accredited EMC testing laboratory to test your products to ensure they meet the technical specifications and performance standards required by Australian Consumer Law? 

When commissioning a laboratory to do product testing it is imperative to choose an accredited laboratory as they are regularly subjected to rigorous assessments by independent agencies for competence in testing for specific safety standards.

It is important to check that the laboratory is accredited to do the standard testing you require for your particular product.

Why Do You Need To Test Your Products?

Product testing will ensure that any products you supply to the Australian market will comply with safety laws. The supplier of a product is responsible for ensuring that the products they supply to consumers are:

  • Free from defects
  • Meet the claims made about them
  • Are not banned
  • Meet mandatory safety standards

EMC Testing Product Standards

How To Ensure Your Products Comply With Australian Safety Laws

The best way to meet technical performance specification standards is to commission an accredited certification agency to assess your products, do the appropriate testing and provide you with a written Certificate of Compliance with Safety Standards.

This will enable you to use the compliance certification on the labels of relevant products. 

Test laboratories provide the expertise and facilities required to carry out appropriate tests to ensure products comply with standards and provide a means of certification under accredited schemes.

The ACCC is responsible for enforcing Australian Consumer Law and to this end test laboratories are expected to meet a high standard of professionalism and performance in their work.

Compliance Engineering is an independent, reliable, and accredited test laboratory capable of carrying out high-quality product testing and providing you with compliance certification and copies of test reports.

Principles For Test Organisations Commissioned By Suppliers

These principles provide important information and general guidance on some of the steps that testing agencies can adopt to ensure the value and validity of the tests they perform on behalf of suppliers.

Australian Consumer Law is aimed at promoting fair trade and protecting consumers from misleading or false claims. Product testing may be required to substantiate the following claims about goods:

  • Emissions, efficiency, and environmental impacts
  • Compliance with safety standards
  • Health impacts or benefits
  • Nature and extent of components, ingredients, and additives
  • Extent of technological modification involved in the production of products

Principles include the following requirements:

  • Secure handling and storage of test products 
  • Maintaining the integrity of goods
  • Ensuring the calibration of instruments and the use of up-to-date equipment
  • Quality assurance systems to ensure that quality of operations are achieved and maintained
  • Follow standards as laid down
  • Follow the written test request
  • Record the way in which compliance is done for test procedures that are not mandated 
  • Follow basic rules in the reporting of procedures, conditions, and results of testing and assessments
  • Confidentiality to protect regulatory investigations or commercially sensitive information

EMC Testing Product Standards

The Role Of Test Laboratories In Product Safety

Testers are often exposed to products in the development stage before being officially released for sale on the market.

Through test assessment and experience, laboratory personnel often develop an in-depth understanding related to product design, performance, and compliance that can be invaluable to suppliers.

Their informed advice can help suppliers to improve the safety of their products and consistently achieve mandatory compliance, saving them time and money.

They can assist suppliers in understanding relevant laws, standards, and the workings of the agencies that administer them.

Compliance Engineering offers accredited testing services for a broad range of products in particular compliance with EMC regulations in Australia.

EMC regulations are mandatory in Australia and apply to almost all electrical and electronic products supplied to the market.

We provide the highest standard of environmental testing that measures the performance of specific products under particular environmental conditions.

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