Are you looking for EMC testing and certification to test products before supplying them to the Australian market? 

Whether you are looking to test for electromagnetic immunity or emissions, to achieve specific certification, or to optimise a new product, Compliance Engineering has the expertise and a qualified team of engineers to help you achieve compliance and certification with the Australian EMC regulations. 

With our market-leading capacity, we can test and certify a diverse range of commercial products carried out at our advanced test laboratory in order to help you comply with the Australian EMC regulations.

Accredited Testing And Certification Services

Our many years of experience in EMC testing and certification can help you meet EMC commercial testing standards and meet the regulatory requirements needed to enable you to export or sell your electronic and electrical products in Australia or access new markets globally. Our testing laboratories hold a range of accreditations and approvals. Compliance Engineering’s EMC Commercial Testing capabilities include:

  • RMC Testing

Australia introduced a new single compliance mark on March 1st, 2016 for Electrical Safety and EMC approvals called the Regulatory Compliance, or RCM Mark to replace the C-Tick, Unique Electrical Safety Approval Number, and the A-Tick. This mark makes it easy for installers and purchasers to identify whether a device is compliant with EMC regulations, electrical safety requirements, and telecommunications before buying or using it.

  • CE Testing and Marking

CE testing and marking ensure that your products are approved and certified throughout the EEA and share safety, health, and environmental standards.

  • Radio Testing

Radio testing services include:

Low power radio compliance 

RF Transmitter Approval

WLAN and Bluetooth Compliance


Wireless Certification

EMC Testing Certification Commercial Products Australia

  • Automotive Testing

Automotive testing includes Aftermarket Device Testing, Vehicle Component Certification, and Car-Part Approval utilising a comprehensive range of test equipment.

  • Railway And Train Testing

Compliance testing for train and railway applications include EMC, Vibration, Humidity, and Temperature Testing services.

  • Military and Aeronautic EMC Testing
  • Radiation Hazard Measurement
  • Compliance Engineering specialises in RF Radiation Hazard Measurement, RADHAZ Testing, EMR Surveys, ELF, EME, and EMF Shielding Solutions.
  • Interference Investigation

RFI investigations help to locate and resolve interference issues that can cause disruption to equipment operations in many industries throughout Australia. Our staff has extensive experience in identifying the potential causes of electromagnetic interference and resolving RFI issues in Australia.

Early Stage Of Product Development

Our industry experience can help you identify the regulatory EMC requirements needed for your commercial products at the early stage of product development. Testing your products at an early stage will reduce the frequency of testing before certification and save you time and money in the future.

EMC Testing Certification Commercial Products Australia

Complete EMC Testing And Certification Services In Australia

In addition to EMC/EMI testing, Compliance Engineering provides customers with a complete testing service to achieve compliance, safety, and the necessary certification for commercial products in Australia. Our services include:

  • Environmental Testing including:

Shock, Bump, and Vibration Testing

Temperature and Humidity Testing

Ingress Protection Tests

Salt Spray Testing for corrosion resistance

Impact Testing

UV and Xenon Arc Testing for materials like plastics and coatings

Flammability Testing

Fire Resistance Testing

  • Acoustic Measurements
  • Antenna Calibrations
  • Onsite EMC Measurement
  • EMC Report Assessment and Consultancy


EMC compliance is mandatory in Australia and applies to most products sold on the Australian market. We manufacture modular RF shielded enclosures used for many purposes throughout the industry in Australia. In our advanced test laboratory, we have an extensive range of capabilities and strive to always deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for all our customers’ compliance needs. 

If you are about to launch a new commercial electronic or electrical product that will need to meet Australian EMC Standards, contact Compliance Engineering to find out how we can help you with testing and certification.

Please call us today at Compliance Engineering on + 61 3 9763 3079 or leave an enquiry.