Do you have electronic or electrical products that you would like to introduce to the Australian market? If so, it’s important you understand that just about all electronic and electrical products released onto the Australian market are required to comply with Australian EMC regulations. 

EMC compliance is mandatory and applies to all varieties of electronic products and their components. So, what is EMC compliance? EMC Compliance is described by the International Compliance Association as the ability (of a product or service as the case may be) to act in accordance with a set of rules, orders, or requests. 

Why is it Important to Regulate Products? 

The reason why products are regulated can be broken down into many aspects but ultimately comes down to safety. Product testing is a way of ensuring supplier responsibilities are adhered to and preventing unsafe products from entering the market. It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that the products they intend to supply to the Australian market are: 

  • Not banned 
  • Free from defects 
  • Meet the mandatory safety standards of the national laws and regulations of Australia 
  • Meet any claims that are made about them 

What is EMC Compliance? 

EMC regulations in Australia require that all electronic and electrical equipment meant for the Australian market be certified, tested, registered, and labelled to be suitable and compliant with the applicable standards which vary widely between different equipment categories. Exact procedures will vary, however in general, EMC compliance involves the following steps to be taken: 

  • Identification of the type of equipment and the relevant standard 
  • Testing the equipment for compliance with the particular standard 

High-risk devices require testing by an accredited body. Compliance Engineering offers comprehensive testing of all electronic products and components in the following fields.

Why Product Compliance Is Important

EMC Testing and Certification in compliance with Australian regulations including: 

  • RCM Testing 
  • CE Testing 
  • Interference Investigation
  • Radio Testing 
  • Radiation Hazard Measurement 
  • Automotive EMC Testing 
  • Railway Train Testing 
  • Military and Aeronautic EMC Testing 
  • EMC Shielding
  • RF Shielded Enclosures 
  • RF Absorbing Materials 
  • EMF Shielding 
  • RF Shielded Enclosures Accessories 
  • RF Shielded Custom Enclosures 
  • MRI Servicing 

Environmental Testing is performed to test and measure the performance of equipment under specific environmental conditions. Our accredited testing services for everyday environments include: 

  • Shock, Vibration, and Bump Testing  
  • Temperature and Humidity Testing 
  • Impact Testing 
  • Ingress Protection 
  • Flammability Testing 
  • Salt Spray Testing 
  • Fire Resistance Testing 
  • UV and Xenon Arc Testing 
  • Accredited Testing Service for Harsh Environments 

Acoustic Measurements in anechoic, echo-free chambers designed to test sound or acoustic applications.  On-Site EMC measurement of very large or heavy devices makes it impractical to undergo compliance testing inside an EMC laboratory. 

Antenna Calibration testing is designed to calibrate a wide range of EMC antennas and transducers such as : 

  • Current probes 
  • Biconical antennas 
  • Rod antennas 

EMC Test Reports, Assessments, and Acceptance 

Product Safety Testing

The assessment of technical reports for EMC compliance is often beyond the capabilities of the average person to attempt; therefore it is very important to have this complex task done by experts. 

Compliance Engineering’s report assessment services involve the assessment of local or international test reports and provide you with a written, detailed assessment identifying product suitability and any shortcomings that should be addressed before a product is submitted for compliance.

Our services also include advising you of particular EMC requirements and providing you with guidance on the EMC standards applicable for local as well as overseas markets.  Bear in mind that a single form of non-compliance can cause delays and even prevent your products from being granted a registration certificate so it is best to have it done professionally.

If you are looking for product compliance testing to be done, Compliance Engineering can provide you with the services required including advanced machines and tools in a laboratory to test products for compliance.

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