Are you planning to supply an electronic product in Australia? Are you aware of the EMC record keeping requirements as outlined by ACMA? ACMA stands for Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This is the agency that has been designated to implement EMC regulatory standards. Anyone who would like to supply an electronic device for the Australian market needs to meet the relevant EMC standards. 

Keep in mind that the term supplier has a very broad meaning. Money does not need to exchange hands in order to be classified as a supplier.

Therefore, it is important for anyone who wishes to either bring or sell an electronic device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation, to follow the EMC Testing and Compliance guidelines.

EMC Record-Keeping Requirements

Keeping records for devices that come under the EMC regulatory arrangements is part of the guidelines. Also, the compliance records need to be retained for a period of 5 years even after the supplier stops supplying the device in Australia.

The compliance records need to be made available for audit when asked. These should be available at the principal business address of the supplier in Australia. The suppliers are notified ahead of time by ACMA. The compliance records need to be in English.

EMC Record-Keeping Requirements

There are two major parts of a compliance record:

  1. Device Description: Broadly, sufficient information should be provided to determine whether a particular device is identical to the device for which a test report or declaration of conformity was prepared in line with the appropriate EMC standards. Certain requirements need to be followed for the device description including:
  • It should include the current model number of the device as well as any other related model numbers.
  • The description should include the software or firmware version incorporated into the device or supplied with the device in cases where any change in the firmware or software may have an effect on compliance with the EMC standard.
  • The description might also include photographs of the device that clearly shows its internal as well as external aspects such as printed circuit boards.
  1. Declaration of Conformity: As the name implies, this is an official document that is either signed by the supplier or signed on behalf of the supplier confirming that the device has been tested and meets the applicable standards. It should also declare that all the subsequent devices of that type will also comply with the applicable EMC standards.

The person who signs this declaration needs to sight the evidence supporting the declaration. They should be completely satisfied with the evidence provided with the compliance records. Any false or misleading information will attract significant penalties.

There is a sample declaration of conformity Form C02 available on the ACMA website. Suppliers are free to create their own forms but they should contain all the information that needs to be provided in the Form C02.

EMC Test Report: An EMC test report might also form part of the compliance records, depending on the device. For instance, a test report isn’t mandatory for compliance level 1.

On the other hand, a test report is needed for compliance level 2 and it should include information on the tests conducted, results of those tests and whether the device meets the appropriate standard.

For compliance level 3, the test report needs to be compiled by an accredited testing lab.

EMC Record-Keeping Requirements

Other Requirements

In case the device is modified, the compliance record should also have that extra information.

You do not need to hold the original test report as part of the compliance records but a copy of the original test report needs to be accompanied by a signed statement stating that the copy is a true and complete copy of the original test report.

Also, ACMA regularly conducts audits and these compliance records must be provided to ACMA for the purposes of investigation or audit.


Overall, there are strict record-keeping obligations for electronic devices in Australia. The compliance records including the device information, declaration of conformity, test report, and any other document needs to be provided to ACMA when asked. 

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