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High Permeability Magnetic Shielding Material

Typical uses of “M36 Shield” include shielding of 50 Hz power frequency magnetic fields from substations, switchboards and associated electrical cabling.

Magnetic Shielding Material

“M36 Shield” is supplied in individual sheets measuring 1 m x 2.4 m x 0.5 mm thick and is normally butt jointed between sheets. Mutliple layers are required (typically 4 or more layers) with the butt joints of each layer staggered away from the butt joint of the layer below.

The magnetic shielding performance of “M36 Shield” will vary according to the intensity of the magnetic field it is subjected to (the higher the magnetic field the better the attenuation performance). 2 layers of “M36 Shield” are expected to provide a reduction to magnetic fields by a factor of 3 to 6 times (10 to 15 dB of attenuation), while each subsequent layer of “M36 Shield” will have diminishing attenuation performance (as the magnetic field intensity is reduced).

When magnetic fields encounter “M36 Shield”, the magnetic forces are both absorbed by the “M36 Shield” as well as being redirected away from its target. “M36 Shield” should be installed to approximately 600mm to 1000mm beyond the area where high magnetic fields have been observed.

Magnetic Shielding Material

Fixing of “M36 Shield” is performed with the use of masonry anchors to concrete slabs, or screws into timber studs. “M36 Shield” can also be layered and fixed in place with contact adhesive onto bare floor surfaces prior to the application of carpet.

Magnetic Shielding Material