Why is EMC testing necessary when it comes to product design? Should EMC testing be an essential part of the design process? An electronic device is always going to create a magnetic signal as this is how electricity works. Such devices not only produce electromagnetic signals but can also be affected by electromagnetic signals received from other devices and this is why EMC testing is necessary in order to ensure the efficient and safe operation of any electronic device.

Every country in the world has their own standards in order to ensure that all electronic devices are safe and work as intended. In Australia, these standards are set by The Australian Communications and Media Authority.

EMC Testing

Electromagnetic interference can have a devastating impact on a device.  It is important to devise a test plan right from the design stage in order to ensure that the problems are fixed well before the product goes for final testing and subsequent release into the market.

EMC testing or electromagnetic compliance testing is the process that is used for determining electromagnetic interference in a product design in order to ensure that interference radiated from the product is limited to acceptable standards. Typically, an anechoic antenna chamber is used for EMC testing which helps in the measurement of radiation emanating directly from the device while ignoring the reflections off the chamber surface. 

Wireless devices are also tested in this chamber. Various operating conditions are simulated in the chamber in order to get a complete picture of the electromagnetic radiation generated by the product. This testing helps in figuring out design faults so that they can be fixed in the initial stages. 

Importance Integrating EMC Testing Product Design

The Importance Of Early EMC Testing

Local performance: One of the main reasons for early EMC testing is that if higher than expected unintended radiation is detected, it could point to a general problem with the design. It could also mean that the manufacturing is faulty.

Saves time: Product design is expensive and any kind of delay, especially due to regulatory non-compliance, can potentially add huge costs to a project, especially if the design flaw is discovered at a late stage. EMC testing right at the design stage allows you to discover any flaws, thus negating the need to make changes at a later stage.

Makes products reliable: EMC testing ensures that your product will function as designed, in the environment for which it has been designed.

Makes it compliant: You do not want to end up in a situation where your product is rejected by the regulators for failing to meet their standards. If your product is rejected, you will have to go back to the design board and start the whole design process again and nobody wants to be in that situation as going back to the design board is an extremely expensive proposition.

Saves money: As explained earlier, making design changes near the production stage is a much more expensive proposition compared to the money you will spend on screening tests early in the design stage. In short, it’s better to discover problems as early as possible as fixing those problems is much cheaper at the design stage.

When To Perform EMC Testing

It is recommended to start as early as possible. Ideally, you should start testing as soon as you get your hands on the early hardware. It is especially critical when it comes to wireless products. In wireless products, electromagnetic interference might completely destroy the wireless link and this is why early EMC testing can help you figure out the problematic elements in the design. It will allow you to make changes before everything gets locked in.


To summarise, EMC testing experts can help you figure out any flaws in the design or any defects in the manufacturing, at an early stage. Regular EMC testing across the design phase will not only save you time and money but will also ensure that your product is able to meet appropriate compliance standards and is able to perform, as intended, in the designated environment.

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