Do you know why EMC testing and product certification is necessary? Are you aware of how to choose the right accreditation laboratory for EMC testing? Different types of testing for various products are needed in all countries. 

All the products launched in a region are required to meet appropriate safety standards. This also applies to electronic products sold anywhere in the world.

In the European Union, the products need to carry CE mark whereas the products to be sold in Australia are required to carry the RCM mark.

Need For EMC Product Testing

All electronic products emit a certain level of electromagnetic radiation. The products need to be safe for operation in the sense that they should not emit too much EM energy in case it will cause interference with the functioning of other devices and components nearby.

Similarly, products also need to have enough immunity to be able to operate in an environment where there are electromagnetic phenomena.

Importance EMC Product Testing Certification Compliance

Product Testing Responsibility

In Australia, the responsibility for product testing and certification lies with the supplier of the product. Supplier is a broad term used for the individual or entity responsible for importing, manufacturing or distributing the product.

Various products are categorised into 3 different compliance levels in Australia. The need for testing depends on the type of product.

For compliance level II and compliance level III, the tests need to be conducted by an accredited test lab and certain compliance records need to be maintained for the purposes of investigation and audit. There are serious penalties for false or misleading compliance records.

Options For Product Testing

There are a variety of options available for testing various types of products. For compliance level I products, a declaration from the supplier is sufficient but it generally covers low-power products such as battery-powered watches and other such products.

Big companies usually have in-house experience and expertise to conduct the tests in order to demonstrate compliance. For other suppliers or manufacturers, there are some certification agencies and independent testing laboratories.

These agencies and laboratories can test the products as per appropriate EMC standards and provide detailed test reports detailing the test method and test results.

In the case of imported products, evidence of compliance can be in the form of test reports compiled by an overseas laboratory. It is necessary to ensure that the tests have been performed by an accredited testing laboratory.

Importance EMC Product Testing Certification Compliance

Choosing The Right Test Lab For EMC Compliance Testing

It is mandatory to use an accredited test lab for certain products. In Australia, the main accreditation body for test labs is the National Association of Testing Authorities.

An accredited laboratory simply means that it has been verified by a technical assessor to be a competent testing lab which means the laboratory has the necessary expertise and facilities for testing as per various EMC standards.

Keep in mind that compliance records need to be maintained and provided to ACMA for audit or investigation purposes.

If there is a dispute of compliance, the test report by an accredited laboratory carries more weight as compared to test reports by a non-accredited laboratory.

Level Of Accreditation

It is also important for you to know that not all test labs are accredited. Even when the test lab is accredited, they might be accredited for one particular standard but not the testing of products that apply to your particular product.

This is why it is important for you to ensure the accreditation status of the testing laboratory before you go ahead with EMC compliance testing.


EMC product testing and certification compliance are mandatory to be able to sell certain products in Australia and in other parts of the world. An accredited test lab can help you identify the appropriate EMC standards for your products.

It is important for you to check if the testing laboratory is accredited for the product testing applicable to your product. Get in touch with Compliance Engineering experts to learn more about EMC product testing and certification compliance.

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