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SAM pyramidal RF absorber is impedance matched for use over ferrite tiles.

SAM pyramidal RF absorber provides excellent performance over a very broad frequency range and is suitable for use indoors over ferrite tiles. Typical applications include RF anechoic chambers, antenna test facilities, radar test facilities etc.

Basic Composition : Carbon and retardant chemical loaded polyurethane foam

Features : Variable thickness, broadband, flexible, good performance over wide frequency

Fire Retardancy : NRL8093 tests 1, 2, and 3

Working Temperature : -50°C ~ + 80°C

Standard Thicknesses : 400, 500, 600, 700 & 800 mm

Standard Color : Light Blue

Installation : Generally neoprene contact adhesive is recommended for installation. Velcro can be fitted to the absorber as an option


* The attenuation at these frequencies is due mainly to the ferrite tiles

Performance below 30 degrees off-normal incidence: Little reduction on stated performance

Performance at 60 degrees off-normal incidence: 10 to 15 dB reduction on stated performance

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