Flat Ferrite RF Absorber: SFA version

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Flat ferrite RF absorber has excellent absorbing performance, environmentally resistant qualities, high strength and good heat resistance.

Typical applications include RF anechoic chambers for EMC measurements, antenna test facilities, etc. Flat ferrite can be supplied as individual tiles or with the tiles secured to timber panels.

Broadband characteristics

Ferrite absorbers have good absorption characteristics in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz.

Space efficiency

Due to low profile of flat ferrite absorbers, the volume which the absorbers occupy is significantly reduced compared to pyramidal RF absorber with similar characteristics.

High power handling capability

Non-flammable characteristics of ferrite absorbers can be utilised for high power radiated immunity test.

Easy installation

Ferrite absorber panels can be screwed directly onto shielding enclosure which enables easy installation.

Performance stability

Ferrite absorber has good performance stability with no physical degradation over time.

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