Australian EMC Labelling requirements

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Australian EMC Labelling requirements

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for regulating the mandatory requirements for labelling of Electrical and electronic equipment; Radiocommunications devices & Telecommunications devices (and cabling) in Australia.

A supplier is required to comply with all applicable mandatory standards before compliance labelling their device, and must also hold a compliance folder, which must be made available for the ACMA to view on request.

C-Tick Labelling

Suppliers of electronic & electrical products to Australia must affix a compliance label. The label indicates compliance with an applicable EMC standard and provides the ACMA with a traceable link between the product and supplier.

The label is comprised of a C-Tick logo and the supplier’s identification (most commonly the supplier number issued by the ACMA).

Example of a C-Tick label : 

The accepted methods for supplier identification on C-Tick compliant equipment are:

  • Supplier number issued by the ACMA;
  • Business name and address in Australia;
  • Business name registered on the national business register;
  • Personal name and address in Australia of the place of business;
  • Australian company number (ACN);
  • Australian registered body number (ARBN);
  • Australian business number (ABN); or
  • Australian registered trademark.

The following requirements apply to the label affixed to the device:

Logo: The size can be changed as long as the dimensions remain proportional.
Location: Permanent feature applied to the external surface of the product (as close as possible to the model identification). If it is impractical to affix a label to the device (due to its size or nature) then a label may be applied as follows:
  • Applied to the outer surface of the packaging; or if impractical:
  • Applied to the instructions for use; or if impractical:
  • Applied to the warranty or guarantee certificate.
Note: If the label can not be applied to the surface of the device the supplier must apply to the ACMA explaining why and detailing the proposed method of labelling. If acceptable, the ACMA will provide an approval, which is should be included in your compliance folder.
Marking: The label is applied using any suitable means including printing, painting, moulding, etching or engraving (the label must be durable).
Size: The label must be legible to the unaided eye (at least 3 mm in diameter for the logo and 1 mm in height for the supplier identification).
Color: Any color or relief (moulding or engraving) as long as it is easily visible against the background.


A-tick Labelling

The A-Tick label is used to show compliance of customer equipment to the ACMA telecommunications regulatory requirements. If both the telecommunications and the radiocommunications regulatory requirements are applicable to your product, the A-Tick mark will indicate compliance with both.

The compliance record must contain all the relevant information described under the regulatory arrangements.

Example of an A-Tick label : 

In addition to the C-Tick labelling requirements, if the A-Tick compliance label is placed on the external surface of the packaging, the label must be clearly visible and take up an area that is greater than one per cent (1%) of that external surface.

Regulatory Compliance Mark Labelling

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a trademark owned by Australian and New Zealand regulators. The RCM may be used as an alternative mark to the C-Tick, but is not an alternative to the A-Tick. The RCM alone cannot be used as a compliance mark for telecommunications devices, but may be used in conjunction with the A-Tick mark if desired.

Example of an RCM label : 

If the RCM is used as an alternative to the C-Tick, the device must comply with all other applicable regulations, such as electrical safety, that are covered by the RCM standard AS/NZS 4417. There are various parts of this standard that specify the conditions for use of the RCM.

Suppliers who intend to use the RCM must register with Standards Australia. They must also notify the ACMA of their intention to use this trademark. The notification forms are available in the standard AS/NZS 4417.