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EMC Test Laboratory, Environmental Compliance, RF Shielding, RF exposure surveys, RF interference (RFI), EMC Test Equipment and EMC Filters

Compliance Engineering is the definitive source for all of your Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements, including: Product Certification (C-Tick / RCM, CE, Automotive, Military & Railway), Environmental testing (Temperature & humidity, vibration & shock and Ingress Protection), RF interference (RFI), RF hazard (EMR), RF shielded enclosures (Faraday cages), RF absorber (RAM) and EMC filters. With many years of industry experience, we are ideally placed to help you to quickly and efficiently reach compliance within your specific Engineering field.

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Meeting Today’s need for EMC Compliance Testing

Before supplying electronic products to the marketplace, it is mandatory that they are tested in order to comply with relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. With a comprehensive inventory of EMC testing equipment availability at Compliance Engineering, we can achieve your compliance goals efficiently.

We also assure that new products are brought to market without costly delays.

Inside the Certification Test Laboratory:

Compliance Engineering’s expert staff draw on years of experience when determining the relevant EMC requirements for your product. This experience has culminated in the development of our EMC Test laboratory which we use to test specific equipment from a wide variety of industries.

The Compliance Engineering Test laboratory is home to:

– Modern EMC compliance testing facilities.

– Experienced and highly competent EMC test operators.

– Efficient turnaround times.

– Competitive Pricing.

– EMC Testing data available immediately on completion of measurements.

– No lengthy scheduling periods with majority of EMC projects scheduled within days.

– Emission measurements performed indoors and ambient free.

So what exactly goes on behind the doors of our EMC Test Laboratory? Those looking for industry certifications can expect to find.

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