When you are involved in the industry of commercial products, EMC testing is a vital factor that needs to be given your close attention. 


However, the world of EMC testing can certainly seem a little overwhelming and even confusing at times. 


Therefore, allow us to provide you with a brief guide to EMC testing and how you can ensure that your needs are covered. 


To help us do so we will address the following questions.


  • What Is EMC Testing?
  • Why Is EMC Testing And Certification So Important?
  • What Is Included In EMC Testing?
  • How Can You Choose A Good EMC Testing Service?


What Is EMC Testing?


Electromagnetic Compatability, more commonly known as EMC refers to the interaction of electrical and electronic equipment with its electromagnetic environment, as well as with other pieces of equipment. 


If a device is electronic it will always have the potential to give off electromagnetic fields.


Why Is EMC Testing And Certification So Important?


Cases exist where EMC testing had not been fully addressed when a new product was released and the end result was the recalling of the product. 


This can not only cause a lot of short-term embarrassment for a brand but can have far-reaching consequences. 


A brand that was once trusted and held as having a safe and good reputation can quickly find itself suffering from a loss of loyal clients and a decline in sales. 


Hence, the need for careful and reliable EMC testing.


Furthermore, you need to gain the appropriate certification which is a vital element for companies to fully comply with when releasing a new commercial product.


What Is Included In EMC Testing?


It is important to find a partner who can cater to a broad range of certification requirements since EMC testing encompasses many factors. 


Depending on your industry you may need environmental testing and certification, as well as temperature, shock impact, and ingress. 


It is also vital to ensure that the certification provided is acceptable and internationally recognised.


How Can You Choose A Good EMC Testing Service?


Since it is very clear that EMC testing and certification are so important within the world of commercial products, the need is also clear to choose a company to carry out the service who is reliable and trustworthy. 


Remember, the reputation and future success of your business could be at stake if you fail to do so. Based on this, how can you make a good choice?


EMC Testing and certification is a specialised industry which requires a specific skill set, as well as the necessary knowledge and understanding. 


Hence your choice should be focused on companies who can offer this high-quality service. 


Pay special attention to companies who have years of experience within the field and can provide ample evidence that they have successfully serviced multiple clients. 


Depending on your particular field you may also wish to look out for a company that specialises in a particular avenue of EMC testing and certification if you feel this would be of more benefit to you.


The Bottom Line On EMC Testing And Certification


Certainly, it is clear that for companies involved in the design, production and release of new commercial products, EMC testing needs to be one of their top priorities. 


To ensure that products are tested accurately and receive the correct certification which is both acceptable and recognised internationally it is essential that a reliable and trustworthy service is chosen. 


By doing so, companies can set themselves up for continued success and significantly reduce the risk of embarrassment, bad press and a decline in sales due to product withdrawal.


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