Are you involved in the manufacture or importation of any products that contain electronic components?

If so, it is important to note that you are required to subject these products to EMC testing for purposes of compliance or due diligence or both.

What is EMC testing supposed to achieve? This is the main question that comes to mind after you find out that it is necessary. This testing helps provide product assurance in two ways:

  • For starters, this testing will help guarantee that your product will be able to function as intended when exposed to electromagnetic disturbances that normally characterise the operating environment it is designed for.
  • Secondly, EMC testing is also meant to guarantee that the product will be able to operate efficiently without producing electromagnetic interference that is beyond the acceptable levels for that type of device. This is meant to assure users that the device’s operation will not interfere with the operation of other devices within the same operating environment.

Now that you know what EMC testing focuses on, read on to find out more about the main reasons why it is necessary.

Safeguarding Electromagnetic Spectrum

Over the years, the number of electronic devices that emit electromagnetic waves as electric energy flows through their circuitry has been on a sharp increase.

Combine that with a limited magnetic spectrum which is also required for important applications involving the use of microwave signals, radio waves and x-ray machines among others has created the need to limit unnecessary use of this limited resource.

Simply put, to ensure that important operations requiring the use of the limited electromagnetic spectrum continue uninterrupted, all electronic devices must be tested to ensure that they only occupy as much of this limited resource as necessary, if any.

Product Quality

As previously mentioned, EMC testing is meant to guarantee that the products in question deliver the intended level of performance without being affected by interference from other electronic devices and components encountered in its normal working environment.

In case a product’s performance is found to be affected by the electromagnetic interference produced by other electronic devices within its working environment, then you as the manufacturer or importer cannot provide assurance of its quality to the intended end-users in its current state.


To follow up on the above point, EMC testing is also essential for safety purposes. The failure of some electrical components and devices can expose workers and the public to serious safety risks.

EMC testing helps prevent such problems by ensuring that the electromagnetic interference produced or absorbed by the product under consideration does not present a risk of failure of the device or other devices in its intended area of operation.


Due to the importance of maintaining the integrity of the finite electromagnetic spectrum as well as ensuring product quality and safety during use, the government has put in place various EMC regulations that must be satisfied by all manufacturers and importers of products containing electronic components.

EMC testing can be used to establish whether your product complies with these safety and quality guidelines.

Failure to comply with the necessary EMC guidelines, as set out by the relevant government authorities, before introducing your product into the market can lead to serious legal issues.


All electronic components produce electromagnetic interference when current flows through their circuits. This interference can affect the proper operation of other electronic devices within your device’s area of operation.

Alternatively, your device may also be affected by electromagnetic interference from other devices already in use. To guarantee electronic product operation, safety and compliance with the law, EMC testing is necessary.

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