EMC/EMI Pre-Compliance testing is a way to ensure electric and electronic devices intended for use by the public passes compliance testing during the early stages of their development before being released on the market. Are you in the business of manufacture or distributing electronic devices in Australia? Then you will be required to comply with mandatory Australian EMC regulations that apply to almost all new electronic products supplied to the Australian market. 

Pre-compliance testing will ensure that your devices pass the final compliance testing the first time and are ready to enter the market on time. Are you aware of the pre-compliance tests you need and the measurements you can take to ensure that your devices are compliant with EMC/EMI requirements? Here we inform you of the importance of pre-compliance testing and how you can reduce the time to market your product by ensuring they are ready for final compliance certification.

The Importance Of Pre-Compliance Testing

All electronic devices like laptops and smartphones in Australia must pass federally-mandated compliance tests conducted at a certified in-house test facility to determine whether they meet acceptable levels of emissions and conform to the appropriate EMC regulations. If not, you will not be allowed to sell your products on the Australian market.

Compliance testing is expensive and if your devices do not pass the first time, it will impact your product development and marketing schedule. These delays can have a major impact on your production costs. It is therefore critical that you perform pre-compliance testing to ensure that your devices will be ready to pass the formal test certification stage without delays.

Pre-Compliance EMC/EMI Testing How Does It Work

What You Need To Know About EMC Pre-Compliance Testing In Australia

Electronic devices all have the potential to emit varying levels of electromagnetic emissions. EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) refers to the interaction of electronic equipment with the electromagnetic environment as well as other equipment in its vicinity. Compliance testing is performed to ensure that electronic devices are operating within safe EMI levels and do not affect other devices unduly.

EMI tests are performed by certified test houses to determine whether a device is operating at appropriate emission levels. Two basic categories of tests are performed:

1) Emissions testing 

2) Immunity testing 

Within each of these radiated tests and conducted tests must be performed.

At Compliance Engineering we perform accredited testing services to the highest standards. These tests measure how specific equipment performs under certain environmental conditions and include:

  • Impact testing
  • Humidity and temperature testing
  • Salt spray testing 
  • Ingress protection
  • Vibration and bump testing
  • Flammability and fire resistance testing

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Compliance Testing And Final Compliance Testing?

Pre-compliance testing is a crucial step in the product development cycle of a product. Submitting a device for final compliance testing at the end of the cycle is risky due to the high cost involved should the product fail to pass the test. 

Compliance tests are expensive and include the time reserved in a laboratory to perform the tests. However, if the product does not pass compliance you will have the added expense of redesigning the device under testing and resubmitting it for further testing until it has attained compliance certification.

Pre-Compliance EMC/EMI Testing How Does It Work

Pre-compliance allows you to avoid surprises during the final stages of compliance testing and is a crucial step if you want to avoid additional expenditure for redesigning and resubmission. It is a cost-effective, low-risk method to ensure that your devices will be ready to pass the final compliance certification testing the first time.

Our advanced test laboratory at Compliance Engineering has an extensive range of capabilities focused on delivering the most cost-effective and efficient testing solutions for all your EMC/EMI compliance testing needs.

Compliance Engineering offers accredited testing services for a broad range of products in particular compliance with EMC regulations in Australia.

We provide the highest standard of environmental testing that measures the performance of specific products under particular environmental conditions.

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