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SML gradient layered foam RF absorber is manufactured using multiple layers of carbon loaded foam with different gradients. It can be used to reduce crosstalk between antennas to improve antenna radiation patterns, attenuate surface currents on metal shapes and is useful for reducing reflections for radar and radomes.

  • Basic composition : Carbon loaded, polyurethane, multi layers with gradient carbon loading laminated together.
  • Features : Variable thickness and layers decide broadband frequency, lightweight, flexible, easily cut, high loss.
  • Fire retardancy : NRL report 8093 I, II, and III.
  • Working temperature : -50°C ~ + 80°C or -85°F ~ 176°F.
  • Thickness : Standard thicknesses are 25mm, 50mm and 100mm. (Other dimensions available to fit a specific frequency range).
  • Base size : Standard base size is 500 mm x 500 mm (other sizes are available on demand)
  • Color : Light blue for the surface and all sides and black for the back.
  • Frequency range : Frequencies from 1GHz to 18GHz are achieved by varying layers and levels of carbon loading.
  • Configuration : SML-xx (xx = material thickness in mm).
  • Weather Proof : Alternative weather proof type is available for outdoor use. “WP” is attached to the end of the model name if applicable.
  • Installation : Generally neoprene contact adhesive is recommended for installation.

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