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Power, signal, and communication lines need to run through a power filter. Electrical filters eliminate the unwanted RF signals by displacing them to ground. Every conductor which penetrates the shield, including neutral and signal return lines, must be filtered. Grounding wires must be bonded directly to the shield via the ground buss bar.

Installation Precautions

1. Filters contain a certain amount of leakage current. The lids of the filter (or the shielded enclosure, cabinet) must be connected to the earth. Confirm the earth connection has been correctly terminated before energising the filter to ensure personal safety.

2. Discharge the filter before disconnection any of the supply terminals. Ensure that the discharge current does not exceed 1A.

3. 3 phase, 4 line filters can be used as a single phase filter. That is, any live wire (A, B, C) together with N line. However, two (2) single phase filters cannot be combined to form a 3 phase 4 line filter.


4. Mains filters must be installed in a dry and well ventilated environment. Take adequate protective measures to avoid water and dust.

5. Ensure that there is no insulation coating on the shielded enclosure when bonding the rf mains filter to its surface. Remove any insulation layers around the installation hole to the extent larger than the outside diameter of copper gasket. To ensure there is enough electrical contact between the bottom of the filter lids and the metal wall of the shielded enclosure.

6. Drill a hole as the same size as the waveguide before installing the filters in the shielded enclosure or cabinet. Put one piece of the copper grid in the waveguide first, then feedthrough the hole in the shielded enclosure or cabinet. Place another shielded copper grid and gasket to the waveguide connector and tighten up the nut in order to make a good compression seal.

7. Both the inlet and outlet ports are clearly labelled. Strictly follow the logo marked on each terminal.
Single phase → live wire (L), null wire (N), and Ground wire (G or PE)
Three phase 4 line → phase wire (A, B, C), neutral wire (N), and Ground wire (G or PE)

8. Take note of the mounting torque setting (see below). The terminals may be damaged if the mounting torque is excessive.
• Recommended mounting torque for M4 screw is 1.14Nm—1.9Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M6 screw is 1.5Nm—2.5Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M8 screw is 3Nm—5Nm
• Recommended mounting torque for M10 screw is 4.8Nm—8Nm

9. Close the cover plate once all mains wires are correctly terminated and tension all the bolts to their correct torque settings.

10. Pay special attention that the access cover plate along with its conductive gasket seal, is making a good 360 degree compression with the outer case. Ensuring that there is good electrical contact will avoid any rf leakage caused by gasket deformation or poor compression.

Installation Precautions