Are you involved in manufacturing automotive components? Do you know the importance of electrical and EMC testing for automotive components?

If you manufacture any automotive component that contains electronic circuitry inside, most probably, the component will emit electromagnetic waves when it’s in operation.

These waves are quite similar to radio, TV, and microwaves. Most of the time, these emissions are strong enough to affect the operation of other electronic equipment in the vicinity.

That’s why Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing is mandatory for such components to make sure the emissions from such components fall within the electromagnetic spectrum.

This article provides information on the importance of electrical and EMC testing for automotive components.

  • What Is EMC Testing?
  • Why Care About EMC Testing?
  • What Is Pre-Compliance Testing?
  • How To Find The Best EMC Testing Service For Automotive Components?

What Is EMC Testing?

All electrical and electronic devices including automotive components have the potential to transmit electromagnetic fields.

There is a huge risk of these devices interfering with each other due to the proliferation of electronic devices in everyday life.

There have been many cases where automotive components have been recalled or withdrawn from the market due to the high level of electromagnetic interference.

That’s where Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing becomes important. The Australian Government has adopted stringent laws to prevent the occurrence of EMC problems.

International standards relating to EMC testing have been set for all countries to observe for all electronic components released to the market. EMC testing is mandatory for all electronic components manufactured in Australia.

Why Care About EMC Testing?

Whether you are a manufacturer of automotive electronic components or any other electronic products, you cannot release these products to the market without a certification saying it has passed EMC testing services.

This testing is mandatory for all electronic components manufactured in Australia, imported to the country or exported from Australia.

The certificate should state that the electromagnetic emissions are within the range allowed for the operation of other similar products.

That’s why you need to find a reliable EMC testing service in Australia to test your electronic products.

What Is Pre-Compliance Testing?

Pre-compliance testing is important to reduce the costs of redesigning products due to the failure of EMC testing. Pre-compliance testing is conducted during the product development stage.

You can change anything in the product that doesn’t comply with EMC rules and regulations by pre-testing the product.

That’s why you need to make use of pre-compliance EMC testing for all your automotive electronic components.

The most common pre-testing is emission testing. It’s crucial for the final EMC test for certification. This test is usually done in the plant or the manufacturer’s location.

This test will measure the product emissions and help adjust it to meet the required standards.

The most important benefit of pre-compliance testing is the ability to have a less problematic EMC testing process at the final stage of product development.

This will prevent huge losses to your company due to product return, product re-design, and repeat tests.

How To Find The Best EMC Testing Service For Automotive Components?

Are you searching for the best EMC testing service for automotive components? Australia has its own share of EMC testing services. Your research plays an important part when choosing the best EMC testing company in the country.

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