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Compliance it first time

EMC Compliance Testing, Environmental testing & RF Shielding

Compliance Engineering has developed an advanced test laboratory with an extensive range of capabilities to service customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and throughout Australia.

Our EMC and testing facilities cater to a broad range of certification requirements including environmental, vibration, shock, temperature, ingress (IP) and impact (IK). Many of the services performed are included in our scope of internationally accredited testing services through A2LA (ILAC), which is accepted by NATA as equivalent.

Compliance Engineering is the only manufacturer in Australian of modular RF shielded enclosures. The RF shielding services include new installations, relocation and servicing of existing RF enclosures, shielding effectiveness testing. In addition we offer a comprehensive range of RF shielded enclosure components such as RF power filters, EMC gaskets, RF waveguides, honeycomb air vents, RF absorbing materials, etc. Compliance Engineering also provide and install EMF shielding for electrical substations, to reduce the EMF exposure levels to building occupants located nearby.

We are also agents for well known EMC equipment manufacturers located around the world and can supply a wide range of specialist EMC test equipment.

As a leading service provider for Electromagnetic Compatibility, we’ve become the go-to for a wide range of product EMC certification and testing needs.

Compliance Engineering prides itself on delivering the most efficient and cost effective solution for your compliance testing needs. Drawing on our years of experience, modern test facilities and knowledgeable operators ensures your products adhere to the requirements of current EMC standards.

Looking to find out more about our services for Sydney, Melbourne and other areas across Australia? Get in touch with the Compliance Engineering team by calling +61 (3) 9763 3079.

Qualified for all your EMC certification needs

Some of the services and products supplied to customers in Melbourne, Sydney and across the rest of Australia include: