Have you built an electronic device that meets market demands? Are you confident the device radiates very little energy and doesn’t interfere with other electronic devices? If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions, please read below for more.

The only way of knowing that your electronic device doesn’t interfere with other electronic devices is to conduct an EMC test on your electronic devices.

Many manufacturers are confident that their electronic devices are not susceptible to outside electromagnetic interferences however, most of these products fail when they reach the final EMC testing stage.

This is a nightmare for most product designers and manufacturers. That’s why pre-compliance EMC testing is encouraged amongst the manufacturers and product designers.

This article provides information on EMC Testing & Certification for electronic products.

  • Early error detection can speed up the electronic project lifecycle
  • Reducing the risk of failing certification
  • EMC testing reduces over-engineering
  • Finding the best EMC testing lab in Australia

Early Error Detection Can Speed Up The Electronic Project Lifecycle

When product deficiencies are identified early in the development process, it is easier to rectify their shortcomings. Trying to fix the shortcomings after EMC testing is expensive and time-consuming.

Pre-compliance EMC testing will let the manufacturer or designer of the electrical product focus on the areas that they have recognised as the potential reasons for concern and find the right solution to them.

The risk of design failure is relative to how long the manufacturer delays EMC testing. If you leave EMC testing to the end of the project, you will be completely reliant on the design team’s skills and competence.

This isn’t the best thing to do if you want the best final product. EMC testing and certification can help save a lot of time and money in the product development process.

Reducing The Risk Of Failing Certification

Early EMC testing can reduce the risk of failing certification. You can determine the non-compliance issues before submitting the final product for formal testing with pre-compliance EMC testing.

Pre-compliance testing will make EMC practice a less stressful experience to the manufacturer and product designers.

That’s why you should consider pre-compliance EMC testing and certification for all your electrical products.

EMC Testing Reduces Over-Engineering

Early EMC testing and certification will help reduce over-engineering and save money for the manufacturers and designers. Before the electrical product is tested, it is not known where the problems may occur.

The production team might add more countermeasures where it’s not required. More money would be unnecessarily wasted on product development areas due to overengineering.

That’s why you should conduct a pre-compliance EMC testing for all your electrical products.

Finding The Best EMC Testing Lab In Australia

Choosing the best 3rd party EMC test lab in Australia isn’t an easy task. There are many factors to look into when choosing a reputable test lab in Australia.

Your research plays an important part in this regard. It’s worth keeping the following criteria in mind when choosing the best EMC test lab in Australia:

  • Can the chosen lab do all the testing you need?
  • Will you need to find another lab to do part of the testing?
  • How close is the lab to your manufacturing facility?
  • Is the EMC testing lab accredited?
  • Do they offer free design support if your product fails the test?
  • What is the lead time of the lab – the time between booking the test and getting a test slot?

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