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SMT pyramidal RF absorber is impedance matched for use over ferrite tiles. The tip has been removed from each of the pyramids to reduce space and provide higher resistance to wear, with a subsequent reduction in high frequency performance (in comparison to the SAM version).

SMT pyramidal RF absorber provides excellent performance over a very broad frequency range and is suitable for use indoors. Typical applications include RF anechoic chambers, antenna test facilities, radar test facilities etc.

Basic Composition : Carbon and retardant chemical loaded polyurethane foam

Features : Variable thickness, broadband, flexible, good performance over wide frequency

Fire Retardancy : NRL8093 tests 1, 2, and 3

Working Temperature : -50°C ~ + 80°C

Standard Thicknesses : 300, 400, 500, 600 & 700

Standard Color : Light Blue

Installation : Generally neoprene contact adhesive is recommended for installation. Velcro can be fitted to the absorber as an option

Physical properties of SMT pyramidal RF absorber

RF performance characteristics of SMT pyramidal RF absorber over ferrite tiles

* The attenuation at these frequencies is due mainly to the ferrite tiles

Performance below 30 degrees off-normal incidence: Little reduction on stated performance

Performance at 60 degrees off-normal incidence: 10 to 15dB reduction on stated performance

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