Leading Manufacturer of Shielded Enclosures in Australia

RF Shielded Enclosures, Faraday Cages and Anechoic Chambers


Compliance Engineering is the only privately owned manufacturer of modular RF shielded enclosures in Australia, which are used throughout industry for many purposes including:

  • EMC Compliance testing
  • Antenna characterisation
  • Research facilities
  • RF transceiver repair and calibration
  • Computer accommodation
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Tempest security
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence Installations
  • Educational facilities such as universities

An RF shielded enclosure (or Faraday Cage) is basically a room lined on all internal surfaces with a metallic skin to shield against radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic interference. We manufacture RF shielded enclosures in Australia using prefabricated panels clamped within a steel framework. RF enclosures can also be manufactured by overlaying the internal surfaces of a room with copper or aluminium foil. All power cabling entering an RF shielded enclosure must pass through filters and air flow into the enclosure is provided via honeycomb waveguide air vents.

Modular RF shielded enclosures:


One of the most versatile designs from any manufacturer in Australia, our modular enclosures are fully demountable and can easily be extended or relocated. The panels are constructed from particle board laminated on either side with zincalum steel sheets. These panels are clamped together in a zinc plated steel frame.

The RF door is a key component of the enclosure and utilises sliding edge (sometimes called knife edge) construction, with a double row of beryllium copper contact fingers. Specialised heavy duty hinges with internal bearings are used for long term alignment reliability.

Compliance Engineering can provide an RF enclosure designed and manufactured in Australia in line with your requirements.


DIY Installation:

The RF shielded enclosure can be supplied in a kit form with detailed assembly instructions, saving you a significant amount on the cost of installation.



Shielding performance:


Compliance Engineering’s RF shielded enclosures provide 100dB attenuation to radiated RF (electric) fields over the frequency range 14 kHz to 1 GHz (Refer MIL-STD-285).

Enclosures installed by Compliance Engineering will have an RF shielding verification test performed after assembly and prior to installation of any internal linings or RF Absorbing materials (where applicable).

The site where the enclosure is to be installed should be relatively dust free and flat with a maximum slope of 10 mm in 3 metres and a maximum unevenness of ± 5 mm. Sufficient clear space is required inside the building for placement of the enclosure materials during the construction phase.

Foil – RF Shielded Enclosures

Key Benefits


  • Low cost
  • Low ferrous content
  • Unusual shapes catered for
  • Ideal for MRI applications

Compliance Engineering is also a manufacturer of copper foil enclosures that meet all the requirements for a RF non-ferrous shielding of MRI equipment installations in Australia.

Copper sheets are soldered, taped or stapled together on either a new or existing substrates which also allows for easy field application to any room configuration and is acceptable for a wide array of applications.

Our MRI doors are specifically designed to meet the requirements and needs of the MRI industry. Each door is custom built and assembled consisting of the frame, door leaver, hardware and RF seal.

We offer two main types of shielded doors for the MRI Industry and both meet all current MRI system manufacturer specifications.

For more information on the range of products and services we offer in Australia including RCM, CE, vibration testing, interference investigation, environmental testing and EMF shielding, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9763 3079.